We have a multidisciplinary team of otolaryngology doctors, head and neck surgeons, speech therapists, odontologists, physical therapists, psychologists and other professionals for the diagnosis and treatment in high complexity head and neck cancer, hearing impairment, breathing, swallowing, voice and communication disorders, pediatric diseases and others. Scientific assistance, research, education, training of qualified professionals and diffusion of knowledge.

Specialized care in treating sequelae from COVID-19.

We train medical specialists.

Our research helps to generate and diffuse new knowledge.

We educate our patients and the population on health issues through campaigns.

Head and neck cancer

Hearing and balance diseases

Tracheotomized children

Voice and swallowing disorders

Upper respiratory airways

The IOU in its full capacity performs annually:

Medical visits

Visits with non-medical professionals

Diagnostic exams and procedures

Surgical procedures of varied sizes