Unicamp’s Otorhinolaryngology Institute is hiring a principal investigator to lead the implementation of a genetics laboratory


IOU seeks a professional to implement the laboratory and research program in Genetics/Genomics of head and neck-associated diseases. The professional should be familiar with bold research goals and work under the supervision of senior management with extensive R&D experience. It is also desirable that the candidate has proven experience in obtaining funding from public and private funding sources at the international level.

The candidate will be able to work, during the initial implementation phase of the Genetics/Genomics
laboratory at the IOU, in the CQMED (www.cqmed.unicamp.br) and CBMEG (www.cbmeg.unicamp.br)
laboratories, both located on the UNICAMP campus.

The candidate will have the following goals for the first 24 months:

  • Elaborate on R&D projects in Genetics/Genomics of head and neck diseases and submit them to public and/or private funding agencies, companies, and other funding sources.
  • Plan and implement the infrastructure of equipment and human resources to execute the goals of the laboratory.
  • Elaborate a 5-year R&D program for the laboratory that includes the frontier of knowledge and the most advanced technologies in the area.
  • Establish the routine of the most appropriate genetic diagnostic methods for application to IOU patients.
  • Establish collaboration with national and international research groups working in the field.


  • Education in Medicine, Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Genomics, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics or related fields.
  • Proven experience in research using molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics methods and
  • techniques.
  • Proven experience in obtaining projects funded by funding agencies.
  • Experience in publications in high-impact scientific journals in the field.
  • International experience at the postdoctoral level.


Send curriculum to the email: ioucbmeg@unicamp.br